finallychangedmyurl asked:
Hey Ate.. I'm heba and I just completed my first year of architecture and I'm from India.. I just wanted to ask you about the subjects which you study.. I wanna know if they differ a lot.. What year are you in..?

Good Day Heba!
From India you say? That’s amazing! Can I just say the buildings there are completely surreal. Lucky that you’re being surrounded by stupendous architecture. I’m currently in my third year. During our first three years alongside with our Major subjects (Architecture related subjects), we have to take our General Education Subjects like Literature, History, Filipino, Physics etc. Some our Major subjects consists of Architectural Design, Building Laws, Building Technology, Building Utilities, Interior Design, History of Architecture, Engineering Science, Specialization. There are too many to name, but basically these are some of them.

whooshinghippogriff asked:
Hi Ate, i'm currently a freshie archi student but not from UST tho, i so wanna learn how to improve my drawing skills (cause i sorta suck). So can you please give some tips about it. Sending gazzilion thankies in advance!

All you need to do to improve is practice. A good way to practice is through constant sketching. Keep a sketchbook where you can draw/doodle during your free time. *Note: not everything has to be beautiful. You can practice your hand by drawing from reference photos, recreate famous structures like Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Fallingwater”. You can also draw from scratch, but for beginners I find that looking through other works for inspiration makes it easier for them to move forward. Another way is through sketching in real time (live), this helps you draw faster in a short amount of time. Create structures by using different styles from different buildings. Good Architecture is achieved by incorporating good qualities from different buildings and conceptualizing them into a structure that answers to your needs. 

Good Luck! 

thegreatdefault asked:
Hi ate! Sobrang big fan ako ng mga works mo. Ang galing mo talaga mag plate! Sana magkita tayo sa Beato tapos maglunch tayo para turuan mo akong magdrawing. At ang galing mo lang kumanta! Ikaw na talaga, ate. Triple threat ka talaga! xx

Oo sobrang alam ko yon hahahahahha!! boom shakalaka! RAINSBOWS MATULOG KA NA HAHAHHA LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

owsmliam asked:
Hi Ate! I've read your article about the Tips for the Arki Freshies and I really find it very helpful. Nakakabawas rin ng kaba... (especially sa first day) 😂 Thanks for the tips ☺

No problem :) see you around Beato :D

theawesomefool asked:
Hello ate! I just wanted to let you know, that you inspire me. :) I was kinda confused at the moment whether to take architecture or not. But now i think I made up my mind, and your blog really helped. Thank you so much! :)

I really appreciate this message. It kind of gives me a feeling of fulfillment of some sort. I wish you luck in your future endeavors of being an architecture student.