UST arki freshmen


Since a lovely anon asked me this wonderful question


I decided to finally write an entry specifically talking about Freshmen year in UST Arki, since I get asked these question a couple of times already, especially this time of year, since the next school year is just around the corner. Plus I don’t want to keep repeating myself and just replying to each and everyone of you. So enough of this lengthy explanation on why I am initially writing this post and lets go on with the main topic of why you are reading this.

On first day experiences, I don’t think I’m the best person to ask, since I came to school 2 weeks late because I was coming from abroad. Graduated in California on May 2011. So I’ll just scratch off that list.

1. Get to know your block mates online
As I’ve heard from my block-mates, as soon as they’ve found out what block they were in, they decided to create a group in Facebook and get to know each other online, before the initial orientation. I think this is a good idea, just to assure that there won’t be anymore awkward hellos and weird “hi my name is..” 

2. Pick your friends
It’s good if you hang out with people you find yourself comfortable with, but I think it’s better to hang at with people, who you think would be a threat to you academically. It’s good to be hanging out with people who excel in class especially if your the type of student who used to slack off in high school. Their good study habits, punctuality, and eagerness to do their plates(projects), and be number one in class will rub off on you. It’s somewhat a friendly competition, but at the same time you want to see them do good as well and vise versa. 

3. Be friendly to your Block mates 
It’s unavoidable for you to get along with every single block mate, since sometimes you just can’t help but feel irritated by their idiosyncrasies, but don’t let that get the best of you. No matter how insignificant you think they are, whether they’re the annoying ones who don’t even study, or the quiet ones who want to be left alone. Try to be open and at least have a relationship with everyone. If you totally have nothing in common, just a proper hello, or good morning from time to time. You never know when you might need to ask for their help, and in arki, you need all the help you can get. Don’t be a smartass, I promise you, you need it.

4. Be friends with people outside your Block
This is important especially if you have the same professors in most of your classes. You need to be aware and prepared what the professor might be giving you on that day. You can also compare how the professor acts in the other class, since sometimes professors can be very unfair.

5. Try to associate yourself with higher batches
Don’t be afraid to ask help from higher batches, especially if you’re having a hard time with drawing, projections, perspectives. Higher batches are familiar with these basic things that professors are asking you to do, or in layman’s terms mani na lang yan sa kanila. You can get to know friendly people hanging around the guidance office. You might even see me there from time to time, doing my plates on the last minute. 

6. Be focused and prioritize
What’s the main goal of a freshmen in UST arki you ask. To pass the cut off grade 2.25
Don’t think of it as too easy, because that will get you nowhere. If you can think you can do better go for a higher goal, Get into the Dean’s list, or if you want, get at least to the TOP 10 of the batch. You should know what you’re aiming for. Don’t get swayed with petty problems with feuds between blockmates, or relationships (boyfriends, girlfriends). Keep in mind why you’re here, why you took up architecture. 

I also don’t advise freshmens to join orgs and clubs yet, since this can be a huge distraction, but if you think you can do it, nobody’s stopping you.

7.Study Habits 
If a plate was given on certain date, start on it IMMEDIATElLY when you get home. Don’t log in on facebook, tumblr, just start on it, research, do space programs, visualize. Don’t be idle on the internet doing nothing. 

8.Don’t underestimate the power of EXTENSION
Professors are usually kind enough to extend the initial submission of plates. If  given a second chance because you didn’t finish your plate in time, take advantage of that chance. First it’s disrespectful to your professor since it’s like you take their schedule for granted. Second don’t run you Professors patience too thin, they can only be lenient for a couple of times. If they think the class is no good, they might just walk out on you and leave you there to rot.  

9. Befriend your professors
Professors are easily convinced to move submissions to a certain date especially if they think that everybody is trying their best, but you also have to do a little groveling, praising them, a little joking around here and there. (Don’t over do it.. remember there still a line between you and the professor.. wag rin over pasipsip, hindi bobo prof nyo)

10. Avoid absences
I was on the verge of getting an FA during my first semester. It’s better if you just stay present than to be worried and start counting how many time you’ve been absent thinking kung Failure due to absences ka na 

11.Things you need not forget, especially on the first 3 weeks of class:

-registration form
Treat this as a Holy Grail, this is proof that you study in UST and that you aren’t a robber that just dresses like a student and steals other students things. This is of course if you still don’t have your ID. Put in a folder don’t let it get wrinkled professors will be asking this on the first day and every now and then when your joining different orgs.

-umbrella and fan
rain or shine it’s better to be prepared 

-1x1 and 2x2 pictures
 professors will usually ask this for their seating chart

-index cards
sizes and probably color will depend on the professor 

it’s better if you start your year right and be organized with schedules, due dates etc.

-yellow pad
et’s not be a leech and finish your seat mate’s whole yellow pad. 

it’s easier to make friends and do good if you feel good about yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others. You don’t know that there might be a couple of people looking up to you as well. Just act as if you own the world, but don’t overdo it. There’s HUGE a difference between being cocky and being confident.

Ok i don’t know if I satisfied your question with this absolutely lengthy answer but hey here’s a another opinion on the matter. I guess mine mostly applies to Arki students but hey I don’t know, maybe other students may pick up something from this.

Glad to be of assistance! My ask box is open to any other questions, but hopefully you won’t go as anon. I like making friends through tumblr :)